Letters of Interest
Letter from the City- May, 2019
Parking Notice:
May 22, 2019 POA Presidents,
Summertime is almost here! Along with that comes friends, relatives, children, and grandchildren to spend quality time at the lake.
I am sure all of you have noticed the increased traffic, the increased building and construction we have going on, and all the other symptoms displayed by a growing, prosperous community. However, one area that we always struggle with this time of year is in parking.
I am asking each of the POA Presidents to share with your individual communities this brief message from the Police Department on parking.
With the upcoming summer holidays that brings many visitors and guests, the Police Department is asking each individual community member to please share with their out of town friends and family a few of our parking ordinances so they too can be informed.
Horseshoe Bay is a unique community and some of our parking ordinances can be quite different from other Cities. Here are a few basic things we are asking you to share with guests:
  • Parking on the street is restricted to the property line boundary of the residence owned or the residence being visited. Property owners are allowed 12 hours every 24 hour period. In town visitors are granted the same. Out of town guests are limited to 72 hours, twice in any 30 day period.
  •  Vehicles parked on the street must face in the proper direction, that being with the flow of traffic (Texas State Statute).
  •  Our city streets are narrow by design. 2 vehicles, parked directly across the street from one another and otherwise legally parked, can create an impassable issue for the much wider EMS and Fire Apparatus.
  •   Parking on an unimproved/vacant lot or area is not allowed.
  •   Parking is not allowed in a front, side, or back yard.
  •   Watercraft trailers can only be parked in a driveway, and only for a period of 24
               hours. This is allowed once within any 30 day period for the purpose of loading, unloading, cleaning or
               routine type maintenance.
  •  RV’s/motor homes may only be parked in a driveway, and only for a period of 24 hours, twice within any 30 day period, and only for the purpose of loading, unloading, cleaning, or maintenance.
 The HSB POA owns and operates a campground for RV’s and it’s located on Hi Mesa at Slick Rock Creek.
There are other restrictions, but these seem to be the most frequent issues that arise when the City is full of visitors and guests. Hopefully by informing your individual family members and visitors, it could make their stay more enjoyable and keep the police officers free to address other matters.
If a question arises about parking, please feel free to contact one of the officers or call the office at 830-598-2633. We would be glad to answer any question and help find a solution so we can avoid parking issues.
Secondly, please share with your families and out of town guests a word of caution when using Lake LBJ. The fall flood of 2018 had a significant impact on the Lake. Sand bars have shifted, moved, and in some cases grown in size. Although efforts were made by property owners and the LCRA to locate, remove and/or mark water hazards, there are still numerous dangers when navigating the lake.
Finally, on behalf of all the men and women at HSBPD, we would like to take the opportunity to wish each of you a safe, happy, and fun 2019 summer!
Rocky Wardlow,
Chief, Horseshoe Bay Police
Letter from Horseshoe Bay City Ordinance Officer- July, 2019
Garbage Reminder:
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