4th of July Celebration

Volunteering Opportunities:

  • Land Parade- contact Mike Thuss, click here (830)265-8946
  • Boat Parade- contact Tom Miller, click here (830)220-2611
  • Dog Parade- contact Joan Matera,  click here (201)602-1351 
  • Food/Beverage- contact Bruce Baccus, click here (830)220-2471
  • Parade Decorations- contact Randy Rives, click here (432)557-2815
  • Parking Assistant- contact Frank Hosea, click here (704)975-0510
  • Entertainment- contact Mike Maine, click here (830)265-8459
  • Children's Activities- contact Dana Rushing, click here (561)635-5976
Dog Parade Information:
New this year is our dog parade! Start gathering on the waterfront side of Quail Point Lodge beginning at 10:00 AM.  Joan is looking for volunteers to help organize and judge the Patriotic Pooch Parade (costumes or patriotic pride attire is encouraged). Joan is hoping participants will "Save a Spot" for their pooch so they can receive a treat bag. Click here to "Save your pooches Spot".


HSB POA Planning a July 4thBlast

By Joan Matera

The Horseshoe Bay Property Owners Association (HSBPOA) has started planning its biggest event of the year, the 4thof July Celebration at Quail Point.  This fun celebration will be held on Thursday July 4, 2019 and includes a land and lake parade and NEW this year a dog parade where our patriotic pooches can strut they stuff.  In addition to the parades the celebration includes food, children’s activities, and an exciting patriotic program with a special presentation and exceptional entertainment. The HSBPOA has held this wonderful celebration of our nation’s birthday for a number of years. Each year the celebration just gets bigger and better.  Residents and visitors come out to celebrate the 4thin our beautiful community. This year, we are celebrating the community with the theme “The Pursuit of Happiness- Horseshoe Bay Celebrates Patriotic Pride with Fun, Family and Friends”.

On this 4thof July we want honor the military men and women in the community, whether they are living here now or have a proud family in Horseshoe Bay. We also want to honor the community as our residents, family and friends show their patriotism and pride in our country, state and city.

We need your help to make this the best celebration of Patriotic Pride ever in Horseshoe Bay!  Every year we decorate Quail Point with photos of our military men and women who are either active duty or retired.  We need to update those pictures.  If you or a family member are or ever have been part of the armed services, please try to contribute a photo. 

In addition, we would love to add pictures of your 4thof July celebrations to our photo decorations. If you have a photo that shows a 4thof July celebration with family or friends, we want to display it as part of our decorations.  Please bring your photo to the POA office at Quail Point during regular business hours 9am to 5 pm Monday through Friday, closed noon to 1 pm for lunch.  The deadline for pictures is June 15. We will scan the pictures and return them to you immediately.  Pictures may be sent tocommunications@hsbpoa.orgin jpg format.  Please be sure to provide the relevant information about the picture including dates and names.

Joan Matera, POA Board Secretary, is chairperson for this special event. With the help of the rest of the POA Board, many former POA Board members and HSB residents who have volunteered the HSBPOA Board is developing a plan that will provide activities for everyone. We want to make sure this 4thof July is exciting and fun for all. The committees have been hard at work organizing all the different events. Committee chairs are always looking for additional volunteers. If you would like to volunteer (adults or teenagers) to help with this 4thof July Celebration please contact Joan Matera at 201-602-1351 or email her at joan@hsbpoa.org.   You may also contact one of the committee chairs listed below or the HSBPOA office and we will put you to work!

Dana Rushing POA Board Director is in charge of children’s activities including face painting, games, and of course, the “Balloon Man”. If you are interested in helping with these activities let Dana know at   561-635-5976 or via email at dana@hsbpoa.org

Mike Thuss, POA Board Director is in charge of the Land and Boat Parades again this year and is finalizing the details for both parades. Mike is running the land parade while Tom Miller one of our community volunteers is organizing the Boat Parade.  More information will follow. As always the parades are a highlight of the celebration and both events will have great participation. If you are interested in helping with the parades let Mike know at 830-265-8946 or at miket@hsbpoa.org.

New this year is our dog parade!  This parade will kick off at 10am at Quail Point.  Joan Matera is spearheading this new part of the celebration. She is looking for volunteers to help organize and judge the Patriotic Pooch Parade.  Please give Joan a call 201-602-1351 or email at joan@hsbpoa.orgif you can help or have ideas that will make the parade a great part of the celebration.  We think this will be a wonderful addition to our 4thof July lineup.

Bruce Baccus. POA Board Treasurer is handling the food and drink for this year’s event. Hot dogs, popcorn, lemonade and of course watermelon will be available as traditional 4thof July fare.  We can always use additional food and beverage suggestions and need volunteers to help to make the day successful.  If you would like to help with the food please call Bruce at 830 -220-2471 or email at bruce@hsbpoa.com

Randy Rives, POA Board Director will be coordinating the parade decorations.  This year instead of balloons the POA will be passing out flags and pinwheels to add to the already decorated vehicles and boats. We made this change to help with the environment. Unfortunately balloons are recognized as a threat to our environment and to wild life if they are released. We feel the flags will truly show off our Patriotic Pride!  

Mary Daniel, a past POA Board Director is in charge of the Decorating Committee and will be creating a festive atmosphere at Quail Point.  Both Mary and Randy would appreciate volunteers.  Give Randy a call at 432-557-2815 or email at randy@hsbpoa.orgif you can help with flags or Quail Point decorations.

We have always gotten a great turnout at Quail Point for the activities and of course the land parade wraps up at Quail Point around 10 am.  Frank Hosea, POA Board Vice President is in charge of parking at Quail Point. If you are interested in helping Frank coordinate parking please give him a call at 704-975-0510 or email at frank@hsbpoa.org

Mike Maine, POA Board President along with Mary Daniel are planning the entertainment and patriotic program for the special day.  Singing, dancing and a presentation on the “Pursuit of Happiness” and what our founding fathers really meant are just part of the exciting program.  If you have suggestions or can help by volunteering your time that day please call Mike at 830-265-8459 or email him at mikem@hsbpoa.org

Hosts for the event will be organized by Louraine Robertson and Publicity and Photography coordinated by Don Ecklebarger both community volunteers. If you would like to assist with either of these committees please contact the HSBPOA office.

More news and details about our exciting 4thof July Celebration will be published in the following weeks. Watch for information about volunteer opportunities and the timing of scheduled events. Get ready to celebrate the 4thof July, Horseshoe Bay style, with your family, friends, and neighbors. 

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