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With two Horseshoe Bay POA Directors, Mike Maine and Mike Thuss, completing their three-year term in March, the nominating process for two new directors has begun.  The current Board of Directors is seeking qualified property owners to fill these positions.  To be qualified, one must not only have ownership of a lot, tract or dwelling located within the HSB POA, but also be current with maintenance fees.

The Board of Directors are responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations and maintenance of Quail Point, campground, Highway 2147 entrances, ponds, and over 60 properties within Horseshoe Bay South, Horseshoe Bay North, Horseshoe Bay (Proper), and Horseshoe Bay West.

If interested in running for a position, please fill out the application form below. Include a brief biography of 200 words or less that would include education, occupation, years in Horseshoe Bay, and reason for running for the Board of Directors for the Horseshoe Bay POA.  Be aware that the biography and picture will be included in the annual newsletter.  Please attach a picture of yourself in jpeg format. 

On the initial submission, you can only submit one attachment and then you can update the ticket with more attachments.

You can also pick up a packet from the POA office at Quail Point. 107 Twilight, Horseshoe Bay.

Deadline for applications is December 7, 2018.  Applications will be reviewed by the Nominating Committee and presented to the Board of Directors at the December Board meeting.  Voting will occur beginning in February when the Annual Newsletter is sent to all members.  Announcements of winners will be at the March 16, 2019 Annual Meeting of all POA property owners.

For questions, contact Communications at or staff in the office at Quail Point 830-598-8795.


Please refer to the HSBPOA By-Laws.  To printout the HSBPOA By-Laws click here. The information contained in the By-Laws will be helpful in understanding the responsibilities and duties of the Board members.  The following Articles deal directly with the Board of Directors:


Article V: Meeting of Members

Article Vlll: Board of Directors Nomination, Election and Terms

Article IX: Board of Directors Nomination, Election and Terms

Article X:  Board of Directors Meetings

Article XI: Officers

Article Xll: Committees

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