Form Requester
Horseshoe Bay Property Owners' Association, Inc.
Association Member's Consent To Receive Voting Documents By Electronic Communication Beginning 2019
This form ("Consent") is intended to authorize the Horseshoe Bay Property Owners' Association (HSB POA) to communicate with the undersigned via Electronic Communications in lieu of first class mail or other methods. The phrase "Electronic Communication" includes communications by electronic mail (facsimile and email); electronic message board, network and website; and any other similar means of electronic communication. The undersigned is a member of the HSB POA and consents to receive from the Association the following documents by Electronic Communications: Notice of Annual Meeting of Members; Documents concerning the Association's Annual Meeting including the Newsletter, Ballots, Proxy, and any other documents pertaining to the meeting. 
This Consent can only be revoked in writing (including by Electronic Communication). Execution of the Consent waives the rights to receipt of information by first class mail.
The undersigned is authorized to execute this Consent on behalf of all record owners of the property whose address is below. The undersigned authorizes the Association to communicate to the following electronic address:
Receive Electronic Voting Documents
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