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2021 Annual Holiday Office Photo
Omar Webb, Kirstie Howard, Sandra Moravitz, Erin Welch
The Horseshoe Bay Property Owners Association is now fully staffed with the help of our lovely board members!
On the far left we have Omar Webb, who is the Public Relation and Marketing Specialist for the POA. He is our individual who creates the E-Newsletters, News Releases, the POA website and now our social media accounts! Next to him we have Kirstie Howard. Howard is the Media and Communication Specialist who deals with the telecommunications between the City, POA, and the our lovely community. She handles reports, compliance issues, and media intake. Next to her we have Sandra Moravitz. Moravitz is the General Manager who oversees everything regarding the Association. She works closely with our Board of Directors as being the leader that makes sure everything runs smoothly. Next to her we have Erin Welch. Welch is the Administrative Secretary to the General Manager who works on a multitude of components such as being the informant regrading matters such as our campground, mausoleum, and the POA as a whole. 

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