POA Fees
The Maintenance Fund is the entity created by the Declaration of Reservations of Horseshoe Bay to collect and distribute the maintenance fees required by the Declaration of Reservations. The Maintenance Fund is a separate entity from the Horseshoe Bay Property Owners' Association. For any further questions, please contact The Maintenance Fund at 830-598-9850.
When is the Annual Maintenance Fee due?
Each Lot and Tract or dwelling unit in the Subdivision, except those owned by Declarant or the Amenities Owner, is subject to an annual maintenance fee payable January 1, in advance each year. 
How Is My Annual Maintenance Fee Used?
Your maintenance fee is used to maintain Quail Point Lodge, campground, ponds, fountains and a percentage is used to maintain the roads, right-of-ways of the subdivision. These fees also help defray a portion of the maintenance of the Horseshoe Bay Resort Amenities that you can enjoy.
Am I Required To Pay An Annual Maintenance Fee?
The Declaration of Reservations of Horseshoe Bay instituted these Maintenance Fees to enable the Property Owners' Association and the Resort to maintain the Subdivision and the Amenities.
What are the POA Fees?
Properties in Horseshoe Bay Proper, North, and South 
Maintenance Fund Annual Fee per property for 2021 is $289.44
Properties in Horseshoe Bay West
Maintenance Fund Annual Fee per property for 2021 is $694.78
What are the POA Fees for Combined Lots?
Per the Architectural Standard Guide, combining lots does not eliminate obligation to pay a maintenance fee per lot or dwelling unit thereon. 
How Can I Pay The Annual Maintenance Fee?
By mail:
Horseshoe Bay Maintenance Fund, Inc.
9000 W. FM 2147, #260
P. O. Box 8636
Horseshoe Bay, Texas 78657
By phone:
Phone: 830-598-9850
Fax: 830-598-2665
By automatic bank draft:
Consult your bank's website for instructions