Finance & Accounting

Chair- Belinda Roberts 
The committee is responsible for review and recommendations of accounts, tax returns, operating and capital budgets and monthly financials and annually audited financial reports.

Business & Capital Projects

Chair- Donald Beeman
The committee is responsible for coordinating the planning for future non-routine maintenance and capital projects through an asset management plan. It also determines the need for future services and master plans for land use changes. In addition, it develops scopes, schedules, and budgets for projects. The committee is also responsible for coordinating and publishing a Capital Improvement Plan with the Annual Budget. 

Nomination & Recruitment

Chair- Yuki Graves
The purpose of the nominating committee is to seek eligible members for positions on the HSB POA Board of Directors by the following procedures. The committee is responsible for preparing information packets for future candidates, advertising in community newspapers and emailing our members, gathering application packets from the candidates, reviewing bio’s to be included in the annual newsletter, reviewing eligibility of each candidate, sanctioning votes and announcing winners at the annual meeting.    

Personnel & Administration

Chair- Belinda Roberts
This committee is responsible for overseeing the Human Resources Policies of the organization including the Employee Handbook.  Provides updates in accordance with new Federal and State Laws and Regulations and executes and oversees the employee performance rating system.     

Facilities (POA Properties & Real Estate)

Chair- Donald Beeman 
This committee is responsible for helping the General Manager efficiently and cost effectively maintain the value of the Association's current physical assets and the evaluation of POA real estate.   

Policy, Risk Management & Bylaw Enforcement

Chair-Yuki Graves
The committee not only oversees compliance with the organizations' founding documents but also reviews and assesses organizational documents, contracts, and agreements for appropriateness and for possible improvements. In addition, the committee analyzes risks and suggests mitigation methods.

Special Events

Chair- Karen Calderon-Schweitzer 
The committee is responsible for coordinating the events that are sponsored by the HSB POA. These events include: 4th of July, Holiday Open House, Earth Day and any other event that the HSB POA might sponsor such as Business Alliance Coffee, Newcomers Coffee, and Candidate Forums for not only the City of HSB but also the HSB POA.

Public Relations & Communications

Chair- Karen Calderon- Schweitzer
The committee has a broad range of responsibilities including: coordinating all communications from the POA Organization, writing reports, articles, and notes for publication, overseeing the webpage and other social media outlets and overseeing the organizations' information technology assets including audio and video. 

Parks and Trails

Chair- vacant
The committee is responsible for providing advice, coordination, and guidance on the development of parks and recreational facilities owned by the HSB POA.


Chair- Bryan Roach
The committee promotes and improves cooperation among the HSBPOA, the Resort, the City of HSB, and other agencies/organizations in the conduct of official HSBPOA business; and serves as the bridge between organizations. The committee establishes and maintains lines of communication to facilitate discussions to reach mutually beneficial outcomes and address complex issues.  This committee does not oversee nor intervene in other standing committee functions.  Two or more members are required to attend all meetings and minutes will be prepared as inclusion in the monthly committee report.

Essential Operations

Chair- Belinda Roberts
Essential Operations Committee coordinates with the corresponding committee chairperson to execute strategic and operational plans in the event of an emergency disaster, crisis, or financial need. These include use of facilities in an emergency, implementation of a crisis management plan, re-evaluate budgetary needs, and/or prioritize resources driven by economic demands. 

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