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Dolly Morgan
Admin for Horseshoe Bay Architectural Control Committee
Horseshoe Bay Resort Architecture Committee
HSB Proper, North, South and West Communities 
The HSB ACC  meets on Tuesdays (property owner is not present). 
  • Click here for the form a property owner will submit to the HSB ACC for approval be sure to provide Lot Number (this can be found on Llano CAD Here by searching for the property OR on Burnet CAD Here by searching for the property). The form must be submitted by Friday.
  • Click here Check List of items to be submitted to ACC for Modification/Addition. 
  • Click here to see the Sample of Exterior Materials Submission to ACC for Review.
City of Horseshoe Bay Zoning Ordinance
  • Click here to see Zones and classifications established.
    • Sec. 14.02.401     
  • To see Lot Zone click .
  • Click here to see restrictions and standards apply to all property in all zones.
  • Click here for ordinances for Zone 3 Horseshoe Bay West, Zone 4A Horseshoe Bay Proper and Zone 4B Horseshoe Bay South
    • Sec. 14.02.406 
  • For further information on City Ordinances please contact City Development at 830-598-9959 Monday- Friday 9:00 a.m - 4:00 p.m.
Any questions please email Elizabeth at Please include "ACC Approval" in the subject line of your emails. Please make sure that you include the address and lot number inquiring about.
Please drop off 2 sets of Hard copy submissions together with the ACC form at 101 Horseshoe Bay Blvd attn: Dolly Morgan
Horseshoe Bay Architectural Standards
It is the goal of the Architectural Committee to enhance and maintain the aesthetic and structural integrity of Horseshoe Bay community. By doing so, the committee provides a framework that protects the value of homes within the community. 
Prior approval of the Architectural Committee is required before (a) any natural soil or vegetation is disturbed by the owner of any lot or land, and (b) construction or any improvement begins, including primary building or structure additions or remodeling, swimming pools, irrigation systems, fences, retaining walls, etc.
Following Committee approval, building permits are obtained at the City of Horseshoe Bay office. For further information click here.
The Horseshoe Bay Architectural Committee Design Guidelines are intended to provide guidance for all residential and commercial development and construction—new buildings, building additions, site work and landscaping — as well as any subsequent changes or alterations to previously approved plans or existing structures and landscaping including:
  • Exterior home or major landscape modifications
  • Re-painting homes
  • Installation of solar systems
  • Boathouses and boat slips
  • Installation of swimming pools
  • Installation of fences, walls and satellite dishes
Click here for The Horseshoe Bay Architectural Committee Approved Design and Materials for Trash Enclosures.
The requirements of the Architectural Committees is included as a courtesy to property owners. The POA is not involved in the review process of any Architectural Committee activity. Click here for the Horseshoe Bay Architectural Standards.
Other Subdivision Architectural Standards Guidelines
The City of Horseshoe Bay, in an effort to help provide information to citizens regarding the various subdivisions’ Architectural Committees, has created links to their guidelines to assist you with access to their policies governing improvements to your property. Click here to access those links. 

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