HSB History Timeline

During the reign of Texas President Sam Houston, soldiers serving in the War of Independence against Mexico were awarded two leagues of Texas land (8,856.8 acres) for their service.  By 1844 many of those leagues were being offered for sale on the streets of Meklenburg, Germany. Major Lueders of Marlow, Germany had inherited a number of these certificates from his brother, who was killed in the war.  Finding no buyers and no interest in using them he tossed them aside, dismissing them from his mind. 
Major Lueders gifted his leagues to Konrad Adolf Fuchs, pastor of the Koelzow Germany Church. 
  • 1846 Pastor Adolf together with his wife and seven children arrived at the Port of Galveston, living in Cat Spring for 8 years.
  • 1854 Pastor Adolf and his family moved to Burnet County. 
  • 1861 Conrad L. Fuchs, eldest son of pastor Adolf and Luise, purchased 160 acres on  the South Side of the Colorado River, what today is part of Horseshoe Bay South on Stagecoach and Mountain Dew. 
  • 1876 Tiger Mill Post Office was opened. Tiger Mill was near present Farm Road 2147 twenty miles southwest of Burnet in southwestern Burnet County. It took its name from the steam mill that Conrad Fuchs operated at the head of nearby Tiger Creek. A post office was established at Tiger Mill in 1872 with Fuchs as postmaster. 1895 Hermann Fuchs, brother of Conrad, was named postmaster and moved the post office to his house on 2147, now Krumm Ranch.  The post office was discontinued in 1901, and mail for Tiger Mill was sent to Marble Falls.
  • By 1884 the community had a gristmill, a sawmill, a cotton gin, and fifty residents; cotton, lumber, and shingles were the area's principal shipments.  
  • 1885 pastor Adolf died and one year later his devoted wife Luise joined him. Buried in the family cemetery on Oak Lane, 2000 ft. from the south bank of the Colorado River at Cottonwood Shores. 
  • 1898 Anna, Conrad's beloved wife insisted on a separation and returned to Germany. That same year Conrad died at the age of 64. Adolf, Conrad's son, was Executor of the Estate.
  • 1899 property and holdings were sold to Thomas Yetts and J. Reed Yett.
  • 1914 T.M. Yates deeded his share in the Fuchs Ranch to J.T. Yett.
  • 1925 H.T. Ellison bought 918.8 acres from J.T. Jett which included the Conrad Fuchs Homestead.
  • 1929 H.T. Ellison sold the land to J.A. Holland of Brady, Texas. Whom due to depression times, had to let it go back to H.T. Ellison in 1932.  
  • 1934 George Waits purchased the land from H.T. Ellison.
  • By the 1940s no evidence of the community appeared on county highway maps.
  • 1940 Mr and Mrs. Roy F. Gunn purchased the George Waits land and promptly sold 855.44 acres to John A. Numans in 1942. 
  • 1947 C.T. Hedges  bought the Numans land. 
  • 1972 676 acres of the Hedges property was sold to Kingsland Inc., now known as Horseshoe Bay South. 

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