Sewer Grinder System

How to maintain your sewer grinder system

Unlike gravity sewer systems located in areas where the terrain is relatively level and soils are not rocky, your sewer system requires a grinder pump to grind solids small enough to be carried through small diameter pressure sewer mains to the treatment plant.  Replacement of a damaged grinder pump costs the City approximately $2,000 – a cost that ultimately is passed on to the customer.

Preventive measures that will help maintain a long and dependable service are:

  • Ensure that no trash is flushed down the sewer drains (causes the grinder blades to seize up and the pump will not work);
  • Pour grease in a container and put it in the trash instead of pouring it down the drain (grease coagulates in cool water of grinder basins restricting on/off float switches);
  • Utilize liquid soaps for dishwashing and laundry (powder soaps coagulate in cool water of grinder basins restricting on/off float switches);
  • Pour enzymes (available free at City Hall) down the drain to promote treatment process within grinder basin;
  • Never disconnect or turn off breaker to grinder pump when leaving town.  Toilet or faucet leaks can overflow grinder basins, back up into house drains and cause damage to pumps;  be alert to any unusual noises or red light coming from the grinder system and report them to the City as soon as possible, even after hours (830-598-8741, Option #1);
  • Please make sure everyone who utilizes your home is aware of these facts.

If you have a question, please contact City Hall at 830‑598‑8741.